Company Profile

Qingdao Huakai Ocean Science and Technology Co., Ltd., who was established in 1922, is a professional rope manufacturer. 

We are specialized in high quality and tech rope manufacturing like outdoor climbing rope, safety and rescuing rope, vehicle towing and recovery rope, winch rope, military and defense rope, rope for ocean research, fire resistance rope, marine and sailing rope, UHMWPE (Dyneema) rope and so on.

We have been supplying reliable rope for ocean research academy, institutions and colleges who are the most active ocean research groups in China. “Aqua-dragon(Jiaolong)”, the deepest dived submersible (underwater more than 7000 meters), used our rope as the main towing rope for emergency life saving. And, we also provided umbilical rope for mutual data transmission. 

We have also provides rope and solutions to aerospace re-entry module. 

Huakai, always by your sided to secure your safety. 

Description of main target customers

Rope distributor and Retailer、Outdoor climbing retailer、Rope access and work at height、Working Protection、Boat manufacturer、Marine and sailing service、Off-road gear、vehicle towing gear、Fishing farming、Defense and military、Dog leash

Enterprise or product competitiveness



The exclusive rope manufacturer who has got both CE and UIAA certificate for static and dynamic rope in China

Occupies 75% of rope market for ocean research of China

We have independent research and development team to provide solutions for our customers

Supply emergency towing rope for the deepest dived submersible – Jiaolong of China