“Jiaolong” pilot gave the “Jiaolong” model to Qingdao Huakai Ocean science and technology Co.,Ltd. as a gift.


Our company professional R&D the submersible rope for the marine comprehensive scientific research ship "Science",the project is the world largest submersible rope project by now.


Our company directly R & D the marine special rope for National oceanographic examination ship”the R/V Dayang Yihao”,that was identified as Qingdao City professional refined special new products,and was listed as national science and technology innovation fund project,replaced the import products.


On April of 2014,our marine submersible rope with anti-cutting and anti-iceberg collision structure helped the polar oceanographic vessel“snow dragon” finished the 30 times antarctic scientific expeditions.The Hailiya flag flied in the “snow dragon” and “zhongshan” station all the way.


On January 2,2017,our company supply the National oceanographic research ship “Science” with “JIAOLONG” umbilical rope which helped the deep sea subsurface mooring.The real-time transmission of observation data is realized through limited data transmission.