climbing static rope
January 1, 2018
Submersible Buoy Rope
January 1, 2018

Climbing Rope

Climbing rope with UIAA/CE certified!

Dynamic ropes confirm to EN892 and Static ropes confirm to EN1891.

All Made in China!


Climbing rope data sheet:

Name Diameter(mm) Material Breaking Force Weight
Dynamic Rope 10.5 Nylon  7.4KN 72g/m
Static Rope 10.5  2300kgf 68g/m
11  2400kgf 72g/m
12  2800kgf 75g/m
Accessory Rope 4  520kgf 13g/m
6  1400kgf 29g/m
8  2100kgf 40g/m