Cable umbilical Rope
January 1, 2018
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January 1, 2018

synthetic cable grip kevlar rope

synthetic cable grip/kevlar rope

As the grips of pulling and stopping, the cable grip can provide permanent or temporary emergency measures, mainly used for the deployment and recovery of various cables in the ground and underground power construction work.It can be quickly applied to cables with wide diameters and does not require special tools.With corrosion resistance, good dielectric properties, and compact and lightweight features.At the time of installation, it remains flexible and has less surface damage than other types.The cable grips strength is much higher than that of wire mesh, and it does not form a dangerous hook like a wire mesh that makes cables safer.
The cable grip can be used either as a temporary or permanent eye loop in the middle or both ends of the cable.
The cable grip can be customized by expected load, not by the thickness of the cable.

Name Style No. Material Color Working Load Breaking Force
Synthetic Four-jaw rope H-SZK8 Kevlar Red 500/228 3000/1137
H-SZK10 Kevlar Yellow 1000/455 5000/2273
H-SZK12 Kevlar Blue 2000/909 10000/4545
H-SZV8 Vectran Red 600/273 3000/1364
H-SZV10 Vectran Yellow 1200/545 6000/2727
H-SZV12 Vectran Blue 2400/1094 12000/5456