Fast Rope

Our fast Ropes are designed and developed for use by traditional regiments, special forces and SWAT teams.  The unique construction of our Fast Rope allows for comfortable control throughout the descent and makes it easier to slow down and brake.  The suppleness of the construction means that the rope is not hard on the hands and less force is required that with other ropes.  Oil and general spillages do not affect speed or control during descent as our Fast Rope will absorb liquids.  Available in standard 40mm nominal diameter and thinner 32mm nominal diameter version.

Diameter 40mm 32mm
Material Nylon Staple Nylon Staple
Construction 4 Pairs of Strands Formed into 8 Plait 4 Pairs of Strands Formed into 8 Plait
Breaking Load 7,600kgs 4,800kgs
Weight 800g/m 580g/m