Heat Resistance Rope

Aramid Escape Line

Aramid Escape Line was designed for firefighters, in collaboration with science and safety officers from the largest fire departments in the U.S. and the world’s leading fiber manufacturers. The aim was to develop a rope that improves the safety of firefighters, especially of those working in tall buildings. 

Min. breaking strength, free length
Min. breaking strength, free length
Cover (%)
7.50 9/32 46.12 3.10 2,780 6 250 50.30

Aramid Escape Line fulfills the most important criteria for bailout situations, thanks to its high decomposition point (500°C / 900°F) and durability.  Technora®  is the ideal material for these requirements of a fire escape rope. Consequently, sharp glass, rough materials, or great heat will not be able to threaten the integrity of this rope.

Our Aramid Escape Line is very supple. Hence, it packs tightly into a compact bag which can be worn on a belt and deployed instantly if necessary.

The advantages of this heat resistant rope are:

  • especially designed for firefighters

  • high decomposition point and durability due to Technora® fiber

  • packs tightly into a compact bag

  • limited UV-resistance