Throwing Line

Diameter: 1.8mm.  

Weight: 1.7g/m.  

Breaking strength: 1.9kN  

JIAOLONG throwing line strikes the perfect balance between softness 

and strength for accuracy and comes out of the bag without tangling.

The perfect finishing technique preserves the cylindrical structure and 

allows the string to slide better over the working surface.  

2.UHMWPE material has ultra-high strength, minimum volume, 

light weight and easy to carry.  It meets all your job requirements.  

3. Smooth surface treatment, with a smooth surface, so that the rope easily slide 

across the surface of the working surface, so that throwing and pulling more easily.  

4. Ultra-low elongation, greatly improve the lifting efficiency, save energy.  

5. High water resistance, moisture resistance, resistance to most chemicals, uv, 

excellent wear resistance, longer life than the traditional fiber 2~3 times.

6. Bright colors increase the recognition at work.